Work & Play

Work & Play is an innovative program of short modern plays presented by The Canting Crew and performed in your work space.

For a limited time The Canting Crew invite you to enjoy 2 of the Plays offered in the Work & Play program on the Stage.


A Kind of Vesuvius by Gillian Plowman

David, Derek and Ian teeter on the brink of ‘a kind of Vesuvius’, each in his own way trying to cope with unemployment. Their attempts to preserve their everyday lives, warding off depression and the feelings of rejection, anger and aggression, range from the touching to moments of manic humour. Despite their positive intentions, they are forced to acknowledge the wisdom of Derek’s Auntie Maureen – ‘Life is a bugger sometimes, Derek, and it helps to have a little cry’.

Indian Summer by Lucy Maurice

“Look at this place! You know, in here, all the secrets of the world exist.” Laura and Steph work, talk, laugh and cry in the station café. People come and go, each one sharing a moment, a hope, or a fear over a hot cup of coffee. Laura and Steph realize it is not only the cappuccino machine that’s broken.


“we don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh!”
William James

The Canting Crew’s latest product offering ‘Work and Play’ takes experiential engagement down a new path by inviting you to experience your own work place in a different way, bringing their plays into the office
over lunch-breaks or just after work. They are enabling teams to engage with emotional landscapes within the familiar environment of the office to gain new perspectives and insights as both individuals and part of their team, colouring the working day with inspiration drawn from their own experiences of workplaces all over the city. With a range of comedies new and old to entertain in the office, this experience will bring all the traditional elements of emotional journeys that are familiar and thought provoking, engaging team members to journey with them and change their perspective as a united audience – with the option to ‘reverse-tables’ and put their own story-telling tools and emotional experiences to practical
use through workshops with the actors themselves.

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