Dracula Diaries week3.2

Hello Backers,

Things are really hotting up in rehearsals for us now, and there is only a week to go until we open.

The fine tuning is happening, and the performances are raising to the next level!

We had a great day on Thursday when the brilliant movement coach Marcelle Davies came to work with our Vampire Brides. Their attach is now a truly chilling sequence!

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On with the diaries 🙂



Lucy (played by Kayleigh)

It was there again last night. The monsters scratching at my window. No matter how much I try I cannot block out the sound or the overwhelming dark feeling that comes over me at night. Yet, somehow I still manage to sleep. I woke up in the garden this morning. Florrie shaking me to rouse me from my deep deep sleep. Mina continues to discuss my sleepwalking as if I belong with dear Arthur’s patients. Thankfully Arthur shares my thoughts on the matter and understands that I’m merely going through a phase and that Mina is overdramatic and odd. Silly Mina, always trying to play the parent despite knowing full well that I’m a grown woman now. I know more than she could ever imagine…

The clouds look like they have fallen from the sky and there’s a thick mist settled over the graveyard. This is my favourite kind of weather. When I was a little girl I used to think that heaven had opened the gates and allowed all the angels to float down on the clouds for one day only. I used to play with mother in the garden. Maybe if I went down there now I’d find Papa… maybe. I’ll get Florrie to fetch the dog and we’ll see what we can find. I will have to steal out before Mina arrives home from the post office though. I feel a prisoner in my own home at the moment. BUT TA-RA! This prisoner SHALL escape!! Time to gather some vitals (bread, cheese and some treats for the dog) and begin my adventure…


 Jene Lee-May (Nurse Grise/Nurse Nisbett/Mrs Manners/Dr Goldman)

Wow – What a week that was..

I think we will all be using the same word to summarise how we feel – “exhausted”, but I also want to add “exhilarated” into the mix. The audience is in for such a treat! As soon as the play starts you feel the roller-coaster ascending crank by crank and then you’re away with little time to pause for breath as sharp turns and dips and peaks of emotions occur – all very thrilling!

 Part of me is so excited to know we will be inviting an audience to join our journey soon but I also feel I want to press pause as I continue to find myself surprised by how much I am still discovering about my characters and of each other. We’re all sparking and finding new things which set different tones and reactions. Personally this week I have loved delving deeper under the layers of Nurse Grise and Nurse Nisbett, two very distinctive “ladies”, discovering the human in the inhumane and defining what really makes these women tick and why they behave the way they do. After the run on Friday I was once again hit with something new in them that I will continue to explore into rehearsals next week – a great sense of underlying grief and loss.

 On Thursday (when it was crazy hot) we were joined by the lovely Marcelle who worked with us on our movement for the Vampire Brides – which is now creepy creepy creepy and I can’t wait for next week as we get back into the space we’ll be performing (aircon hurrah) which will give us all the room to expand further.

 All I can end on saying is – bring on Monday!

Renfield (played by Big Nose No Hair Mitelman)

Bad Director man make Renfield say same thing over and over and over again this week.
Him make Renfield sing song but Renfield not remember tune of song – it different every time but Renfield think it funny.
Renfield in smaller cell this week. And me, I don’t like this. Other people saying play words walk into cell and make it cramped. Me not able to be as mad as me want. But next week I back in old cell which is much bigger. Renfield can’t wait.
Dr Sewer try to kill Renfield every day this week but him not succeed. I think Dr Pissriver more barmy than Renfield…
Master also really kill Renfield every day. Why they hate Renfield? Renfield only try to be nice to Master and serve him but Master ignore Renfield as he more interested in pretty ladies.
But Renfield also get to smell pretty lady so Renfield happy. Lady smell like big fly.
Director-who-wear-big-skirt make Renfield go to darker place this week and me, I like this. Make Renfield feel he better than bad Nurse Grice and Nisbett (who never ever stop talking). Me hate Nurse Grice – she got big hairy mole. But it not on her face…
Me got to go now. Flies to eat, birds to molest, Master to serve. Renfield always busy with something…


Van Helsing played by Michael Brady

My favourite day: the day I feel pampered and remember i have a good life.

I have my routine: I love my routine; I know my routine; I sometimes mischievously take advantage of my routine.

But not today.

I saw your letter and knew instantly what it would be about.

I saw your panic in the way you had written my name on the envelope.

I saw the same panic in myself. I hoped I would never see it again.

Your letter reminds me of years ago when I myself was faced with the same ………..

I know the answer and it’s not what you think it will be. All your years of study will not have prepared you for what you will now face.

But I know I can help. And I can’t leave you to your own devices. So I will help!! But please trust me when I tell you that you have no idea what it is we are going to have to do or what it is we are going to have to go through.

 But I can help!!!


Kimberly Black, playing Florrie.

Wow this week has been hot! And I’m not just talking about those sexy vampy brides!

It’s been a fab week, hard and hot but we got there. I think this week has been the hardest for me battling with the heat and keeping the momentum of Florrie. I felt like she was slipping away a bit but after todays run through I feel she’s back and stronger than ever.
I love being Florrie, it so refreshing being that bright and cheeky even with what she goes through later in the play.
Even when I have a break in the show I feel compelled to watch the others as I know it won’t be too long until I can’t watch anymore. Every character is powerful and amazing in their own way. Although I do have a special place in my heart for Renfield. It think he just needs a cuddle.

Oh and the vampires brides are so much fun. I have brought out the predatory animal and there is no escape Jonathan Harker! Lock up your virgins here come the brides.

….And remember, there are kisses for us all……..PLENTY!

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