Dracula Diaries week3.1

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Meeting in the Garden

Meeting in the Garden

Things are really hotting up!! We have the beginnings of our props and costumes for the play, so I now find myself surrounded by girls in period dresses, men in sharp suits, with maids and nurses running past and doctors in white lab coats looking at me curiously!

We have been focusing on slotting all the sequences of the play together this week, and its coming along very well. It is a demanding play, physically, and emotionally, and the cast have brought their all their energy to rehearsals every day. Its a great bunch of people to work with, and even though we have had to work through complex scenes of fast motion at a very slow pace, they have never grumbled ….. well not much 😉

In other great news, we now have a hosted web site up and running, and in the next 24hrs we will be able to sell tickets on line, and take payment via paypal.

Here are the next instalments of our Dracula Diaries. More Character diaries this week, I think the characters are taking over the actors!!!







Nurse Nisbett (played by Jennifer Lee-May)


I found meself a flower today.. kept it nice and hid in my unders till now. Right deepth breath and ere it goes.

he loves me he loves me not he loves me he love me not … Not! Ooh no not Not. Nah nah you daft bugger course ‘e loves you ‘e just doesn’t know it yet. Stoopid ruddy flower. Ow it’s jest all confusid. All because he’s taken up wiv this lady friend – well mark me if she’s not barmier than ‘alf the maddest ones ‘ere. I sumtimes haves this fantasy like that ‘e’ll just turn to me one day, perhaps after we dun the rounds, ‘opefully stopping by poor Mr Renfield and Doctor gives him nice attention and maybe a little bet of food stead of all that bromide and cholral nonsense . I tells you if that Mr Renfield wasn’ on ‘alf the drugs and flies ‘e takes ‘e’d be one ‘ell of man. I can sees it in ‘im and I sees in those light moments ‘e as when ‘e looks at me for the woman I is and awww such a twinkle in ‘is eye ‘e’d have for me. Ooo yes ‘e would. Mmm.. anyroad stop yourself Nisbett its Dr Seward that’s who I was thinking of. Now there is a man, such power, such life, such strong arms and hands. Oh now your being naughty Nisbett thinking so oh but I do think of it. I can’t ‘elp it. He could just pick me up with a finger ‘e could. What’s that? Oh yes back to duties. Off ta see my Mr Renfield. Got summat special for ‘im tonight I do. I know i know ‘e hurt me once but well ‘e must have been having a reaction to summat doctor gives him. But you keep sshtum about it, be our little secret. Toodleloo my dear diary.




Michael Brady playing Van Helsing


I’m at the point now where I need to relax into the scenes. I know my lines and moves and now need to be confident of this so I can help produce the tone and mood of each scene.


I want to make him more controlled and authoritarian. I am struggling with reconciling this with his more paternal moments. I am really enjoying my moments with Mina as I am enjoying the interplay between the two characters and that their disdain of each other is mutual. I’m enjoying the opportunities in these moments to vent my irritation at the others’ incredulity that there are vampires in the midst of us all.


King Laugh is a bit of a barrier at the moment. It appears immediately after a long sentence and I need to control my breathing more so I have the breath for the laugh to be as effective as it needs to be. I’m pleased however that I’ve made his monologues more introspective as it is enabling me to believe the words I am saying in them.


By Kayleigh (playing Lucy)

WELL. Its been one hell of a week so far. We have finally done our first full run of the show and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that it’s exhausting!! But it’s so exciting to see the show come together. Costumes and props are starting to emerge, people are finding new moments in their scenes every day, and there’s a bubbling energy in everyone that shows just how keen we are to get this in front of an audience. Of course there is still lots to work on, but I know that the show will start to evolve again once we have people to watch us 🙂 I don’t have much else to say as I feel like its been a very positive week and I’m just dead keen to crack on with rehearsals 😀 I hope everyone reading these diaries are enjoying them and I can’t wait to have your faces in the audience in a couple of weeks time 🙂


Kimberly Black playing Florrie This is not so much a diary of rehearsals more a diary of unexplained events.

> 1st I’m standing in the queue at Tesco the other week, the man behind me singing and swaying, the man behind him laughing to himself for a full 10mins..

> Monday I’m walking to the station and a huge, hairy, wriggling caterpillar falls from the sky in front of me.

> Yesterday I thought, “shall I have a nice country walk through the moor?” Big mistake. Circled by 20 horses just staring at me.

These are not normal events. These are things that happen to Renfield not Florrie. Wondering what else is coming. Fearing for my life right now……..On the plus side rehearsals are going well, always a silver lining.


Mina’s Diary – Week III 

Jonathan’s coming today, and I need to make sure everything is PERFECT for him; I have directed MrsManners to set white carnations in the blue guest room with an extra shaving kit (as I just knowhe will have forgotten it – again) and fresh bathing towels, so he will be absolutely the most comfortable he can possibly be here at Heartwood, I have planned a wonderful supper of cold meats and cheeses as I know he doesn’t like to eat too much at the end of his long, hot journey from King’s Cross and I have put on Mummy’s pearl brooch which I know becomes me very much as Daddy used to say I looked just like her when I had it on. It’s my lucky charm; if I look absolutely scrumptious, then Jonathan simply won’t be able to resist dreaming up the wedding lists and floral arrangements with me. I’m so excited!!! It’s going to be so dreamy, but I do wish he’d stay a little longer than the weekend for once. I hate his going away – he makes me so calm, when I’m upset about Lucy and her fits…speaking of Lucy, I haven’t seen her yet this morning; I reminded her about Jonathan’s arrival last night but she’s so absent-minded of late, I do hope she hasn’t forgotten already. I’ll go and check in on her on my way down to the breakfast table to make sure she’s up and dressed. It really won’t do, all this laying about the house. I’m sure it’s not good for her – I just wish she’d listen to me sometimes.


Arthur Seward played by Wayne Burke

Palpable tension. Her eyes tightly bound but all seeing. Him across from me, filling up the silence with his breath and empty words. Outside leaks inside the carriage wafting tobacco and scents of used leather into the claustrophobia. I steam up the window and imagine her writing my name in hurried letters. But he is watching, interrupting my blank stare. The blood flows through my frozen veins. The other one stern and short,clings tightly to his bag and never sleeps, opens his mouth in misaligned sentences, but the paragraphs are never audible in my ears, never sensical in my mind. Her bindings are soiled with tears wet with fury and I reach out to her. Impotent, I am still. But my mind, my mind will not stop.

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