Dracula Cast Diaries

The Canting Crew raised the budget from our first production, Dracula, via Kickstarter. As part of our reward packages we wanted to lift the curtain on what goes on before the play hits the stage. So twice a week our backers receive a diary from cast members.

Our Backers get the diaries first, but this is where you can find the archive. It makes fascinating reading!

Week 1 Video Diary

Week 1 Diary part 1

Week 1 Diary part 2

Week 2 Video Diary

Week 2 Diary part 1

Week 2 Diary part 2

Week 3 Video Diary

Week 3 Diary part 1

Week 3 Diary part 2

Week 4 Video Diary

Week 4 Diary part 1

Week 4 Diary part 2



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