Dracula 15th – 24th August 2013


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  1. Laurence Cuttriss says:

    I came to see the performance of Dracula on Friday night, and being 15 years old I was the youngest in the audience and not too sure what to expect. From the start, I was engrossed. Watching the first scene of the play made me feel sorry for Renfield, the way he was treated and eating flies and bugs (but hey, at least he had a chair to sit on…). I loved the fact that we could go right up to the actors/actresses and move around to each scene as it made me feel I was really involved.
    One of my favourite scenes was in Castle Dracula when Jonathan met Dracula for the first time. It was very atmospheric; the lights were dimmed and the characters were raised on a platform, which added to the intensity. I wasn’t expecting Dracula to look as smart as he did in a suit, rather I was expecting the stereotypical fangs and cloak. He had a dark aura about him, he appeared on the stage from the shadows, slow and steady which made him seem very stately, which was one of the things I admired about him. This was in contrast to most of the other characters who were energetic and passionate.
    I thought the acting was breathtaking and standing so close to each character made me feel like I knew them personally. Renfield was one of my favourite characters as he made a physical connection with the audience, from glaring at us, to his hand creeping slowly on my FOOT when he was thrown onto the floor!
    Although this is a story aimed more at adult audiences, I was able to understand the play and really enjoyed the evening. I would definitely be interested in any more plays that The Canting Crew perform.

  2. Sophie Jones says:

    Raw and passionate! Close and imitate with the action taking place on all sides. The energy and dedication is high, I felt exhausted watching. It was great to see the characters giving it all and baring all. Switching from high intense scenes, to silence and pitch black was terrifying! A scary, enjoyable experience. A very creative and clever piece.

  3. Robyn Crabbe says:

    Last night I watched the dress rehearsal for The Canting Crew’s first production – Dracula! Definitely not for those of a nervous disposition. Mesmerizingly brilliant with perfect typecasting. Every character created a rich tapestry of talent – the subtle reflective stood in relief and complemented the effervescent and energetic. Eerie echoes that caress the night, the haunting harmonies of the diaphanous vampire brides. Simon Mitelman is outstandingly brilliant as Renfield and controls everything in a vortex around him.
    My fav line of the night was Dracula saying in his Transylvanian lilt ‘ I am far too old to smile and say cheese!’ Well the atmospherics were so palpable (even down to the Victorian body trolley with a creak!) that it was good to have an amusing mo. My friend who was only supposed to come for the 1st half, was totally enthralled and riveted to the extent that she just couldn’t leave until she had watched the second half too!
    Stephen Oswald’s aim for this work certainly does what it says on the tin and surprises, presents theatre in a new way and takes one to a place you will not expect. It has seamless continuity as if one were watching a movie rather than a play.
    Roll on opening night………..

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