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Kimberley Black – Week one

Kimberly Black (Nun)
Kimberly Black

I never know what to expect from a first day, first week. And this? An unperformed piece. Stephen has such insight into this piece almost like he has constructed these vivid people. Our 1st day consisted of a discussion, a read through and a walking read through. Amazing things happened. Characters were alive and I suddenly became confused. These weren’t the people that were in my head from my read throughs at home, these people were real, colourful and my views changed, my loyalties changed. As the days have gone on (all 3 so far!) I have learnt so much from the exercises we have done, finding that my character is not necessarily taking the route I thought she would. I love this exploratory method. I feel the Nun has been born, had her life and is now experiencing new, different things. Some of the things, and probably a lot of things we explored and experienced over the last couple of days won’t be used or reproduced within the final performance but to “have a go” at these things is a genius way of discarding, revisiting or building on the moments we find that might otherwise have been lost or never found. it’s scary not to have completely blocked everything, seeing as we only have 2weeks to do this, but it’s very liberating and natural the course people are taking. More more!

Ian McNaughton – Old Man 2

Ian Macnaughton  (Old Man 2)

Ian McNaughton
(Old Man 2)

First two days of rehearsals for the Canting Crew’s Production of  Comedy by Nikos Kazantzakis and it’s been an exciting introduction to an intriguing text. On the page the language seemed archaic in parts and the content an existential exploration and refutation of religious belief in the afterlife in addition most of the characters seemed to have no prior knowledge of the other characters and little character beyond an archetype. Sounds dry and intense and possibly didactic not a combination that normally grabs me. Yet the workshop games and text work we’ve been doing has produced exciting results particularly a strong sense of a living community trapped in a nightmare situation that has all sorts of parallels in the world we live in. All achieved through games that allowed us to recognise potentially fertile themes and relationships in the text. Yes it’s been a lot of fun. Yes I’m learning a lot. Yes it will be a very exciting show.

Ian Macnaughton  (Old Man 2)

Ian Macnaughton
(Old Man 2)

Old Man 2 (Played by Ian McNaughton)
If it was only being named after 1st Old Man, I wouldn’t mind. But he talks nonsense continuously and is too, too close. He makes me feel like either Morcambe or Wise and he would be the other Wise or Morcambe.  It’ll never work. It’s almost as bad as women and children and Spring and Summer and Autumn. So I’m digging in, shutting the hatch and locking down. Back to the unavoidable Numero Uno. It’s never enough just to state the facts. He has to question everything including I might add, dead children and flower stalks. Did I tell you I was Old Man 2? Only it’s mad here the clock seems to be broken. It doesn’t matter anyway…. did you guess I’m  named after One? Oh you did. You were listening then all by yourself. If only. This place is filling up. All sorts including the damned zealot. You construct your own tomb and in no time they’re pouring in. I was first not One.Did I mention One? I did? And that I’m Second or number two  really it’s all starting to sound like the prisoner.

2nd Old man

Did I mention One?

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